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Burn Awareness Week

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1. Lack of safe play areas for children can increase the risk of scald burns. Establish a “No Kids Zone” in the kitchen. Safe play areas should be out of the traffic path between the stove and sink, where children can play and be supervised.

2. Did you know? Steam in popcorn bags is hotter than 180°F and burn you in less than a second! When opening microwave popcorn bags, allow the bag to sit for at least a minute before opening it away from your face.

3. Children grow fast and can reach new dangerous things every day that can burn them. Learn burn prevention tips at our Burn Prevention page.

4. Supervision is the single most important factor in preventing tap water scalds. If you must leave the bathroom while a bathing a child, take them with you.

5. It takes only 2 seconds of exposure to 148°F (64°C) water to cause a burn serious enough to require surgery! Coffee is often served at 175°F (79°C), making it high-risk for causing immediate severe scald burns.

6. Did you know? When microwaving food, steam inside covered containers can quickly reach over 200°F and burn your hands and face. Pro Tip: Puncture plastic wrap or use vented containers to allow steam to escape while cooking. Or, wait at least one minute before removing the cover. When removing covers, lift the corner farthest from you and away from your face and hands.

7. Don’t make hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in a mug that a child normally uses. Consider using mugs with tight-fitting lids, like travel mugs, when children are around instead. Got a kid? Get a lid!

8. Older adults and babies have thinner skin meaning they are at risk for deeper burns and lower temperatures and shorter exposure times.

9. Steam reaching temperatures greater than 200°F builds rapidly in covered containers. When removing lids from hot foods, lift the cover or lid away from your face and arms to avoid burns from steam contact. 

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