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Many Home Improvement Projects Require a Permit

Planning on doing some home improvement projects? Before tearing down walls or running electrical wire,installing a bathroom, or getting a new furnace,check withthe building department to learn if your project requires a permit. A permit provides the legal permission to start construction of a project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications.




A building permit is usually required for:

·New buildings

·Additions (bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, etc.)

·Residential work (decks, garages, fences, fireplaces, pools, water heaters, etc.)

·Renovations (garage conversions, basement furnishings, kitchen expansions, re-roofing, etc.)


Please contact our Building Official at (734) 467-3207 to determine if your project requires a permit,




Seperate trade permits are also required for:

·Electrical systems

·Plumbing systems

·HVAC- Mechanical (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning) systems


Please contact our trade inspectors if you have any questions regarding the need for permits,

Plumbing Inspector - (734) 467-3215

HVAC-Mechanical Inspector - (734) 467-3213

Electrical Inspector - (734) 467-3214 



“Lately television programs geared toward home improvement and renovations have inspired many homeowners to tackle their own projects,” said Henry L. Green, Director of the Bureau of Construction Codes and Fire Safety. “While the initiative is rewarding, it can also be costly if codes are not followed and inspections not conducted. Checking with the local or state building official ahead of time can reduce the chance of having to do costly repairs to bring the work into compliance.”


A building permit ensures that the proposed construction meets minimum safety standards and allows city inspectors-code officials to protect the public by reducing potential hazards of unsafe construction. Property insurers may not cover work done without permits and inspections, the value of the property could be reduced and problems may arise when the property is sold.


By answering some basic questions (What are you planning to do? Where?), a city inspector- code officical will be able to provide the information needed for compliance with theMichiganBuildingand Residential Codes and an application for a building permit. 



After documenting the "Who, What, When, Where and How" of the job, along with providing any sketches or plans of the proposed work a permit may be issued. Separate permits are required for electrical, plumbing, and heating or air-conditioning work. A code official will review the application for compliance with local and state requirements. If the plan meets the requirements, a permit is issued. If not, the code official will request necessary corrections.


A permit fee is collected to cover the cost of the application, the review and the inspection process. Once the permit is issued, work can begin.


On-site inspections will be required to make certain the work conforms to the permit, codes and plans. More than one inspection is typically required on a project.


Finally, the City Inspector-code officialwill provide documentation when construction is complete and code compliance is determined.