Due to the current drop in temperature over this weekend, the City of Westland is closing it's cooling centers but will continue to monitor temperatures and reopen the cooling centers as needed. 

Westland City Hall, City Parks and the Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center are open for our residents. Online services and the City drop boxes are still available for residents to use.  The two drop boxes located at City Hall for bill payments (no cash please) and document drop offs that will be checked daily.  The Senior Friendship Center will continue to be closed until further notice.  Thank you for your patience in this unprecedented challenging time and please stay healthy.


Business License Applications

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 Printable Applications:
  Animal Business (Kennel)
  Chapter 18, Article I, Westland Code of Ordinances 
         Animal Business (Pet Store)
    A commercial business engaged in buying, selling, renting, or exhibiting animals as pets. -   Chapter 18, Article I, Westland Code of Ordinances 
  Christmas Tree Sales
   Temporary sale of Christmas trees during the Christmas season. -  Chapter 18, Article III, Westland Code of Ordinances 
  Collision Bump and Paint Shop
   Any place, indoors or outdoors, where motor vehicles are repaired or painted for a charge etc. - Chapter 26, Article IV, Westland Code of Ordinances 
  Going Out of Business
   Good for 30 days, must be renewed for any period in excess of 30 days. - Michigan Public Act   39 of 1961 
  Any business engaged in the acquisition, storage or selling of "Junk" as defined in the ordinance. - Chapter 26, Article VI, Westland Code of Ordinances 
  Liquor License
  For any changes to an existing liquor license or a request for a new license - application must be made with the City of Westland in order to be approved by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission - Chapter 10, Section 3, Westland Code of Ordinances  
   Marijuana Business License

      For the licensing of medical and adult use marijuana businesses - Chapter 27, Westland Code of Ordinances
Application Consideration Policy and Application Scoring Rubric - necessary for application

  Massage Parlor Employee, Practitioner, Instructor, Apprentice
  Chapter 26, Article VII, Westland Code of Ordinances 
  Massage Parlor - Renewal Only
  NEW Massage Parlor licenses are not available at this time due to a temporary moratorium.                     Renewal applications are required each year for existing businesses.                     Ordinance No. 177-A - Effective March 4, 2019 - March 4, 2020 
  Mechanical and Electronic Amusement
   Any machine, device or contrivance, mechanical or electronic, activated by coin, token, or plate, operated for entertainment or amusement as a game or test of skill. - Chapter 14, Article V, Westland Code of Ordinances
  Pool and Billiard Room (and Tables)
  Tables surrounded by an elastic ledge or cushion, with or without pockets, with balls which are impelled by a cue. - Chapter 14, Article II, Westland Code of Ordinances
  Precious Metals and Gems Sales
  Jewelry, a precious gem, or an item containing gold, silver, or platinum. - Chapter 26, Article XIII, Westland Code of Ordinances
  Public Entertainment
   Application for non-transferrable license to conduct, exhibit, or maintain any circus, outdoor movie, outdoor entertainment area, concession stand or amusement stand or any other outdoor entertainment for which pay is demanded. Chapter 14, Article III, Westland Code of Ordinances
  Secondhand Dealer
  Michigan Public Act 95 of 1981 
  Soliciting, Canvassing, Peddling
  Going door to door, house to house, place to place and street to street for the purpose of soliciting goods, services etc. as outlined in the ordinance. - Chapter 26, Article IX, Westland Code of Ordinances 
  Street Vendor     
  Any person who sells or peddles on the streets, door to door of homes, offices, stores, restaurants or other places of business, food or other products not produced by himself. - Chapter 26, Article X, Westland Code of Ordinances 
  Temporary Sales / Temporary Structures
  Zoning Ordinance 110, Section 4.13 - Temporary sales, uses, or special events and temporary buildings and structures 
  Used Car Dealer
  A person or business engaged in purchasing, selling, exchanging or dealing in secondhand motor vehicles. - Chapter 26, Article XII, Westland Code of Ordinances