In response to the expected extreme heat, temperatures reaching 90+ degrees, the City of Westland has opened several cooling centers around the City for the entire week of July 15th.  For more information about hours and locations please click here.


Permitted Trees for Right of Way

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Permitted Trees to Plant in Right of Way

Trees located in the right of way on properties are considered City trees.  The right of way is the portion of the property located between the sidewalk and the street.  The following trees are acceptable trees to plant in the right of way:


Aristrocat Pear                                  Autumn Blaze Maple  
 Balsam Fir     Basswood 
 Bur Oak     Celebration Maple
 Cleveland Pear    Eastern RedBud
 Flowering Dog Wood    Greenspire Linden
 Grey Dog Wood    Hackberry
 Honey Locust     Ironwood 
 Lacebark Elm    Little Leaf Linden
 London Plane    October Glory
 Ohio Buckeye    Pin Oak 
 Redmond Linden    Red Maple
 Red Oak     Red Sunset Maple
 River Birch    Sawtooth Oak 
 Shade Master Locust    Silver Linden
 Skyline Locust    Sugar Maple
 Superform Maple    Swamp White Oak 
 Tulip Tree    Turkish Filbert