In response to the expected extreme heat, temperatures reaching 90+ degrees, the City of Westland has opened several cooling centers around the City for the entire week of July 15th.  For more information about hours and locations please click here.


Sewage Disposal and Storm Water Events

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Sewage Disposal & Storm Water Events

                Any person who experiences an overflow or back up of a sewage disposal system or storm water system that is under the jurisdiction and control of the City of Westland should immediately contact the Department of Public Service at 734-728-1770.  If after regular business hours call the Police Department at 734-722-9600 and they will notify the Department of Public Service.

Written Notice Requirement: Furthermore, compliance with Public Act 222 of 2001, an amendment to Michigan’s Governmental Immunity Statute 1964 PA 170, as amended MCL 691.1401 to 691.1419, requires that a resident who wishes to seek compensation for physical injury or property damage resulting from a sewage disposal system event to notify the City of Westland, in writing, within 45 days after the date of physical injury or damage was discovered.  The written notice shall contain the claimant’s name, address, telephone number, the address of the affected property, the date of discovery and any physical injuries or property damages.  The notice should also include a brief description of the event.  Failure to comply with the notice requirements may prevent the recovery of damages and bar any claim that a claimant may have.


No Wipes in the Pipes!

You know those "flushable" wipes?  They aren't so flushable after all.


Popular bathroom wipes - pre-moistened towelettes that are often advertised as flushable - can lead to clogs and back ups in the sanitary sewer system.


Although wipes are advertised as "flushable" the wipes do not break down fast enough and end up getting stuck in private sanitary leads and the public sanitary sewer system.  This can lead to costly repairs when you factor in the amount of time and money it costs to dispatch crews to unclog pipes and to repair/replace the sanitary sewer pipes.


Please do not flush these wipes into the pipes.



F.O.G. is an acronym for fats, oils, and grease.  F.O.G. create pollution problems and contribute/cause sewer back ups.  Click the link below for the F.O.G. pamphlet.