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Emergency Warning Systems

The Outdoor Emergency Warning System for the City of Westland consists of 10 Whelen High Power WPS-2800 remote siren sites that have been strategically placed to offer coverage throughout the community. The sirens have been used to warn  Westland residents and visitors of any impending threat to life and property.The sirens have the ability to produce four tones, and to broadcast a vocal message. The sirens are only used to offer an alert to the public and have never been used for any other type of message broadcasting. Some of the threats that may cause the activation of the siren system would be:

    When the siren system is activated, the public is advised to go into their homes, turn on the radio and tune into Station 1620am, and/or television and await information through the Federal EWS (Emergency Warning System) as to the pending threat and steps to take for you and your family's safety.

    Since the system in Westland is an outdoor warning system, the activation of the sirens may not be heard inside your home. The purpose of this system was to warn people outside to seek shelter indoors. For your protection, you should always be aware of present weather conditions. If the weather looks threatening, turn on a radio or television to keep current on the approaching fronts. A weather alert radio can be purchased to alert you regarding any watches and/or warnings.

    The City of Westland also uses Nixle to publish real time traffic, weather and safety advisories online so that you can be informed of any emergency warnings from any internet connected device. To view the Nixle alerts for our region, simply click the icon below.


    Do you have an emergency plan?


    Being prepared — making a kit, having a plan, and being informed — is the most important step Americans can take to help themselves, their families and their communities in times of emergency. The Ready Campaign, from the Department of Homeland Security in partnership with The Advertising Council, helps to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to all kinds of emergencies. 

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