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The Neighborhood Makeover Program Team has delivered swiftly on Mayor Wild's State of the City announcement to makeover every neighborhood in the city. 

Work crews have begun working throughout the entire city, neighborhood by neighborhood. City work crews have a 50 point checklist to follow that include checking all catch basins which will be inspected and cleared of debris, sand and water. All leaning or damaged street signs will be straightened or replaced. All trees with limbs obstructing roadways, sidewalks, signage or street lights will be trimmed. All neighborhoods in our All-American City are unique, and Mayor Wild's Neighborhood Makeover Program will address all that is needed to beautify each and every neighborhood.


Track our progress

We're excited to share with you the real tangible results of this unique program!  We're betting you want to know how we're doing, where we've been, and where we're heading next.  We invite you to use our program dashboard to track our results both at a local neighborhood level and city-wide level.



 Services included in the program

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  • Trees

  • Signs

  • Roads

  • Water Distribution System

  • Sanitary Sewer System

  • Sanitation

  • Parks

  • Neighborhood Services