Due to the Extreme Heat over the upcoming week, the City of Westland has opened an emergency cooling center for residents. Cooling Center hours and location.

Westland City Hall, City Parks and the Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center are open for our residents. Online services and the City drop boxes are still available for residents to use.  The two drop boxes located at City Hall for bill payments (no cash please) and document drop offs that will be checked daily.  The Senior Friendship Center will continue to be closed until further notice.  Thank you for your patience in this unprecedented challenging time and please stay healthy.



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Did you know that approximately 75% of the trash that is thrown away each week is recyclable? Yet only 25% is actually recycled.  One of the cornerstones of the The City of Westland Mission Green Initiative is Recycling. 

The City has three recycling programs available for residents.

**Simple Recycling is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.**

recycle bin


For more tips on recycling please visit:

Wayne County Recycling Information

State of Michigan Recycling Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Recycling

    • When did the curbside recycling program resume in Westland?

    • As a resident, what are some of the changes I need to know?

    • Why isn't glass being recycled?

    • What is the difference between the rubbish and recycling carts?

    • What if I am missing a bin?

    • Has my recycling day changed?

    • Can I get an extra bin for recycling?

    • What happens if the cart is broken?

    • Where should I place my carts for rubbish and recycling pickup?

    • Is there a sticker available that I can attach to my recycle bin to remind me of what to recycle?

    • Can I put my recycling in a separate bag?

    • Will all of my recyclables/rubbish have to fit inside the cart?

    • Will I be getting anything that explains the recycling program?

    • Can I put my regular garbage in the recycling bin?

    • Should I remove the label from the tin cans that I recycle?

    • Can I recycle the lid of my plastic bottle?

    • Will the drop off recycling center stay open?

    • Will glass be accepted at the drop off site?

    • Can I put plastic toys in my recycle bin?

    • Can I put plastic hangers in my recycle bin?

    • Can I put old metal tools in the recycle bin?

    • Can I put my old toaster or other appliances in the recycle bin?

    • Can batteries be put in my recycle bin?

    • Can Clothes be put in my recycle bin?

    • How do I find out if something is recyclable?

  • SimpleRecycling

    • Does the City pay for this Service?

    • Will I have to pay for this service?

    • Does the City receive any money for participating in this program?

    • Does this program reduce landfill costs?

    • Can this program save the residents money?

    • When will my bags be picked up?

    • Where is the company located?

    • What can I put in these bags?

    • Will I be able to recycle household goods?

    • Does this service have any positive impact on reducing what is dumped in a landfill?

    • Does this program take away from organizations like Salvation Army and Purple Heart?