Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is Compost picked up if we are going with an automated truck with arms?

  • Who should residents call for special pickup?

  • Where do I call if I have questions?

  • What will be the difference between the rubbish and recycling carts?

  • Can a resident put rubbish in their recycling cart?

  • Where should I place my carts for rubbish and recycling pickup?

  • How will I place the cart on the easement when there is a large amount of snow?

  • Will seniors be able to get these carts to the curb?

  • Will all of my recyclables/rubbish have to fit inside the cart?

  • Will I have to call for a special pickup on larger items that do not fit in the cart and will there be a fee associated?

  • When the City starts automated trash collection, how do I get rid of my compostable material?

  • I have another 96 gallon container that I bought at a store; can I use that container for household trash along with the container supplied by the City?

  • What about the businesses that currently use curbside collection?

  • How should I get rid of items that will not fit in the City provided bins, such as furniture and carpeting?

  • Will my trash collection day change?

  • When will recycling be picked up?

  • What if all my trash does not fit into one bin on occasion?

  • Can I lease an extra cart?

  • What happens if the cart is broken?