Street Lighting Assessment

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  • What is the Street Lighting Special Assessment?

  • How is my special assessment cost being calculated?

  • How are the overall costs of providing street lights calculated each year?

  • What is the benefit of street lighting?

  • Is this a new special assessment?

  • Has the City worked with DTE to lower street lighting costs? 

  • How long will I have to pay this assessment?

  • Who pays for the parking lot lights at the various City owned properties (City Hall, Fire Stations, Police Station, etc.)?

  • Are street lighting assessments deductible on your income tax return?

  • What if I don’t agree with my assessment?

  • What happens to the funds collected from the assessment?

  • Who is being assessed for street lighting services? Does every taxpayer have to pay their share of these costs?

  • Can my annual assessment amount change?

  • When does the new special assessment begin?

  • How can I review the special assessment roll?

  • How much is my assessment going to cost?

  • What is the difference between a major and local street?