New Water Meter Program

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March 2015


Dear Westland Resident/Business Owner:


The City of Westland is making a significant investment to enhance service and reliability of your water system.  This involves the replacement of all inside water meters and outside reading devices.  The City’s meters are obsolete and replacement meters and parts are no longer being produced by the manufacturer. 

 City Council has contracted with ETNA Supply Inc. and its subcontractor, Vanguard Utility Service (VUS), for installing AMR meters throughout the City that will provide for improved accuracy and real time information.  We anticipate that it will take two years to complete the changeover process.  Similar systems are in use in other cities and have shown to be reliable and accurately calculate water consumption. 

The City of Westland will systematically replace the meters and readers which will require access to your home or business to perform the necessary installations.    An appointment can be scheduled by calling (734) 467-3175 to replace the meter at a time convenient for you. The entire installation process is expected to take 30 minutes. 

 For more information, FAQ’s may be found on the City’s website,  



Ramzi El-Gharib, P.E.


Department of Public Service