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River Rouge Connection

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River Rouge Connection

"It all comes back to you!"

This web site is set up for easy access to information about the Rouge River Project and what steps the City of Westland has taken to reduce the level of pollution within the watershed areas of the community. Be sure to click on the links that will take you to other sites, which provide information about the regional aspects of the Rouge Project.

The City of Westland is located in the Detroit Metropolitan Area on the western side of Wayne County. The City of Livonia is to the north, the City of Romulus and the City of Wayne are to the south, the Cities of Garden City, Dearborn Heights, and Inkster are to the east, and Canton Township is to the west. Westland consists of 13,099 acres and is approximately 95% developed. There are three sub watersheds located within the community, two of which have direct connection to the Rouge River.

Regional Approach
Planning for improvement of water quality in the Rouge River has been accomplished at a regional level with the help of the Southeast Michigan Council of Governmentsand all 48 communities that are located within the Rouge River watershed. Studies of the watershed have been going on for the past several years and resulted in a sound foundation for planning the future. The Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project  has provided a regional context for information sharing and project formulation. The idea has been to plan regionally but carry out those plans on a local basis in the spirit of cooperation.

Facts About the Rouge Watershed:
Urbanized Area - 438 square miles
48 communities, 3 counties
Population of 1.5 million



When it comes to pollution, every home is waterfront property.

The Rouge is getting cleaner. Over the past ten years, municipal sewer improvements, septic system repairs, and storm water retention projects in Westland have helped to clean up the Rouge. Cleaner water and other park improvements mean more recreational opportunities for us all and enhanced wildlife habitat close to home.

But the water quality clean up is not yet done. All of Westland's streets and driveways drain to storm drain pipes which, in turn, connect to the Rouge River. When the storm water runs off the pavement and lawn, it carries pollutants such as soil particles, fertilizers and pesticides, bacteria from animal wastes, oil, grease and heavy metals from vehicles, road salt, and more.

Small things can make a big difference to Rouge River wildlife and water quality. Please review  and post it in your home as a reminder of "things to do." For a free package of environmental education bulletins, contact the Westland Department of Community Relations: 734-467-3198.