Marijuana Ordinance Information

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The City of Westland is currently considering local ordinances to be in alignment with State law as it relates to allowing medical and recreational marijuana use, grow, retail, transport, and processing operations within Westland city limits.

The State has issued draft emergency rules for adult use and anticipates licensing facilities in October 2019.  Therefore, the Westland City Council is studying potential ordinances necessary to protect the interests of the City's residents.

Any and all documents posted on this site, including presentations, maps, and handouts ("Documents") have been created for the sole purpose of discussion during City Council Study Sessions relative to the development of a Marijuana Facilities Control Ordinance.  All documents posted are in draft and subject to change.  These Documents should not be relied upon for business decisions by third parties or the public.  Review, consultation, or use of the Documents shall not create any right, privilege, contract, or claim by a third party with respect to the City of Westland.



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