Becoming a City Vendor

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Thank you for showing interest in doing business with the City of Westland. The City is committed to providing the residents the best value for its tax dollar. Guided by the City’s Charter our policies strive to increase competition from our vendors and to find the best price possible. It is our duty to reduce the spending for goods and services without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of our local government.

The City of Westland looks to create a partnership with the local business community to create economic growth. As part of the City’s strategy, we have incorporated local preference into our purchasing policies. Our Local Preference Ordinance provides additional opportunities for local businesses to compete on City bids.

Please see the attached New Bidder/Vendor Information Application. We welcome any brochures or information about your company in addition to the form; however, it is necessary that you use our application form. Please do not fax this form to the City. Return the completed original form and any attachments to the Purchasing Department at the address above.

After we receive your application, your company will be placed on a designated vendor bid list and your company will be notified of any bid and/or quote requests for the commodities you are interested in supplying the City.

Click here to see a list of our current bids.

Periodically, the City will update the vendor bid lists. A letter will be sent to all vendors on those particular bid lists to verify your continued interest to bid and/or quote on specific items.

Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, please call the Purchasing Office at 734-467-3204.

William R. Wild