Economic Development


The Economic Development Department focuses on supporting commercial, industrial and new residential projects throughout the development and expansion process and deploys ongoing attraction and retention business development efforts.   It conducts analysis of data and real estate trends in order to identify businesses who are well suited for the Westland’s market.  

The Intertwining Tenets of Development

Economic Development Gears

The Economic Development Department is focused on these three intertwined tenets:

  • Business Development
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development


The Economic Development Department serves as the liaison between the business community and the City by providing guidance and support to existing businesses while helping to communicate the City’s goals and priorities to our business owners.  The department helps new businesses navigate the City’s development process and also to identify potential resources that are available to increase project feasibility.  

The Director also serves as the City’s liaison to the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Economic Development Corporation/Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (EDC/BRA/TIFA), Local Finance Development Authority (LDFA) and the Westland Chamber of Commerce.

Team Approach to Economic Development

Our team approach is based on the principles of retention, expansion, attraction and leadership. The City of Westland wants you to succeed and we share your priorities of completing a project on time and on budget. The City collaborates with you to provide one point of contact, a fast response to your needs, and the flexibility required to achieve your goals.  Your goal of doing business in Westland is the City's goal also.

The Economic Development Strategy Plan

The Economic Development Strategy Plan (PDF) was developed with significant input from our residents, businesses and our local elected officials, taking into account their passion for the future of our City.  Just as businesses compete for customers, communities compete for residents, new investment and jobs.  This economic development strategy describes a vision, goals, strategies and actions that will create an environment that encourages bold development-related ventures and encourages entrepreneurial spirit.  This plan, through technical analysis of economic data combined with public input, highlights the city’s priorities for the greatest positive economic benefit for Westland.

New Business Inspection Process Survey

Thank you for investing in Westland with your business! We strive to make the inspection process clear and predictable. We want to hear from you regarding how we’re doing and where we can improve. Please provide your input based on your recent interaction with us by taking our New Business Inspection Process Survey.

End of the Year Retention Survey

Thank you for investing in Westland with your business!  We want to hear from you regarding how we are doing and where we can improve. Please provide an update on how your business is doing and give any feedback that you would like to let the City know, by taking our Business Retention Survey