The Finance and Budgeting Departments are responsible for:

  • Collection of all taxesfinance spreadsheet
  • Collection of all other monies
  • Disbursement of all City monies
  • City Budget
  • Investment of City funds
  • Maintenance of all accounting records
  • Water and tax billing


Finance Director

The Finance Director is the Treasurer by Charter and also serves on the five-member Police and Fire Retirement Board and the Building Authority Board.  The Treasurer oversees the:

  • Finance Department
  • Budgeting
  • Purchasing

City checks are signed by the Finance Director and City Clerk.

Budget Director

The Budget Director works with all City departments to help manage the financial planning for departmental projects.  The Budget Director also provides updates to all City departments about their budgets in order for the departments to gauge their revenue and expenditure levels and adjust projects accordingly.  The Budget Director oversees:

  • City Budget 
  • Investment of City funds
  • Maintenance of all accounting records

Drop Boxes

There are two drop boxes located at Westland City Hall for residents to use for dropping off water and tax payments and documents for the Finance Department.  

Guidelines for use:

  • Non-cash payments (checks, money orders, cashier's checks only; no cash)
  • Make sure all required documents are together
  • Place all items in a sealed envelope
  • No postage is required when using the white drop box  

Drop Box locations:

  • The white drop box is located on the northeast side of the City Hall parking lot next to the US Postal Mailbox.
  • The drop box wall slot is located on the building wall just east of the City Hall main entrance.