With temperatures potentially reaching 90+ degrees, the City of Westland has a number of cooling centers available for those in need. Bottled water will be provided to help keep residents cool. 

Below you will find a list of warming centers with their address, hours and a phone number to call and verify there is room available. Additionally you will find other helpful information.

Cooling Shelter

Heat and Your Safety

When the temperature goes up, it is important to be careful while performing activities and to stay cool.  Your body is designed to function within a certain temperature range.  As it gets too hot it starts to shutdown and cease to function properly.  If it gets too hot and cannot cool fast enough it can lead to severe medical issues, up to and including death.  This is known as hyperthermia. 

It is important to watch for signs of hyperthermia. 

The State of Michigan has more information about the warning signs of hyperthermia.

Cooling Shelter Locations

You can also keep cool at the City's Splash Park

Charging stations will be available at all City Buildings being used as Cooling Shelters.