Executive Team


The Mayor's Executive Team works collaboratively with multiple departments within the City and drive the core goals of the City.  Along with the Administrative Team, the Executive Team works to enhance and maintain the City's services for the residents and businesses within the City.

  1. Michael J. Reddy

    Chief of Staff
    Phone: 734-467-3200

  1. Aubrey Berman

    Chief Business Development Officer
    Phone: 734-467-3264

  1. Craig Brown

    Chief Innovation Officer
    Phone: 734-467-7952

  1. Joanne Campbell

    Chief Community Officer
    Phone: 734-713-3711

  1. Stephani Field

    Chief Human Resource Officer
    Phone: 734-467-3263

  1. Steven Smith

    Chief Finance Officer and Treasurer
    Phone: 734-467-3169

  1. Shannon Ackron

    Mayor's Executive Secretary
    Phone: 734-467-3200

  1. Jacqueline Smith

    Mayor's Administrative Secretary
    Phone: 734-467-3200