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  1. Cancellation of Automatic Water Bill Payment Agreement

    Apply for the cancellation of the automatic water bill payment previously set up.

  2. Sign-Up for Paperless Electronic Water Bills

    Sign up for paperless water bills instead of a paper bill.

  1. Request for Cancellation of Paperless Electronic Water Bills

    Cancellation request for previously signed up for electronic water bills.

  2. Water Bill Refund Request

    Request for a refund of overpayment of water bill.

Freedom of Information Act

  1. Freedom of Information Act Request for Public Records
  1. Pension Board Freedom of Information Request Form

    Freedom of Information Request Form Please note that the Police and Fire Pension Board is a separate legal entity from the City of... More…

Office of the Mayor

  1. Boards and Commissions Application

    Application to join a Board or Commission in the City of Westland

  2. Mayor's Birthday Club
  1. Marriage Officiate Request

    Request for for having the Mayor officiate the wedding.

  2. Westland COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Form

    COVID-19 vaccination registration form. This will get a person on the list to be contacted once vaccine doses are available.

Parks & Recreation

  1. CornHole League Registration Form

    The City of Westland Parks and Recreation Department presents "CornHole at the Mack" an 8 week season on Thursdays at the Mack Mayfield... More…

  2. Hockey 101 Program Registration

    Registration form for the Hockey 101 instructional program

  1. Facility Interest Form

    If you are interested in renting banquet or conference space in the new Westland City hall please fill out the form below. All... More…

  2. Parks Inquiries

    Questions or concerns related to one of the City's Parks. Use the City's Click & Fix app, available to download to your mobile device... More…

Public Service

  1. Damage Assessment Reporting Form

    Form used by City resident's to report damage suffered due to a recent storm or flooding. This is not a claim form.

  2. Water Service Self-Reporting Form

    Form to report the type of material your water service pipes are made from for identification purposes and to help Westland ensure you... More…

  1. Report a Pot Hole


  1. Bidder / Vendor Information Application
  1. Ordering a Tree Interest Form

    The City of Westland has embarked on an ambitious tree planting program aimed at replacing the many residential trees that were killed... More…