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Workplace Belonging Survey

  1. Westland City Seal
  2. City of Westland Workplace Belonging Survey
  3. Credible studies have shown that a feeling of belonging improves the wellbeing of employees. That’s why we are inviting you to participate in this anonymous survey to enable us to determine where we are on the important journey of workplace belonging. It won’t take much of your time – you’d probably complete it in under 7 minutes. Yet, your candid responses can help all of us for months and months to come.
  4. How long have you worked with the City of Westland?
  5. Which gender do you identify as?
  6. Which ethnicity to you identify as?
  7. Do you have any form of disability?
  8. Do you feel the office building and your office space allow you to perform your work well?
  9. Are you provided the tools, equipment and office supplies you need to perform your duties well?
  10. Are your duties and deliverables clearly explained in a way you understand?
  11. Do you feel you receive the right amount of support and guidance for the work you do?
  12. Do you feel accepted and respected for who you are as an individual?
  13. Have you received written or verbal praise for your work in the last 12 months?
  14. Do you feel your work is evaluated based on fair standards of performance?
  15. Do you feel your opinions and contributions count in the organization?
  16. Do you feel encouraged and empowered to make suggestions about your work?
  17. Do you work well together with your co-workers?
  18. In the last 12 months, has the City provided you opportunities to learn and grow?
  19. Do you have a clearly defined path for development and growth within the organization?
  20. Do you believe you have the same opportunities for advancement as colleagues with similar qualifications and experience?
  21. Are you likely to discuss with colleagues in your self-identified affinity group about having an employee founded and led Resource Group (ERG) like Women of the City, Black Employees for Better Westland, LatinX For Wellbeing or Disabled Persons Making Real Impact?
  22. How likely are you to recommend the City of Westland to people in your network for employment, volunteerism or business purposes?
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