What is zoning?

The purpose of zoning is to regulate property use and development within each district and ensure that the vision in the City’s Comprehensive Plan is consistently met. Zoning divides the city into districts (zones). The districts are shown on the zoning map, and the zoning ordinance lists the rules for each district. Zoning is just one piece of the review of any proposed development or project, which may also entail evaluation for planning criteria (known as Site Plan review), building codes, and life safety codes.

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1. What is zoning?
2. What is my property zoned?
3. What can I use my property for under the classified zoning?
4. Can I rezone my property?
5. How do I measure setbacks?
6. Can the City provide me with a survey of my property?
7. How do I open a business?
8. Where can I install a fence?
9. What is a zoning ordinance?
10. What is a variance?
11. Who reviews and approves site plans?
12. Can I build a detached garage, pole barn, or shed?
13. Is my lot/parcel buildable?