Robert Wilkie

Police Department
Title: Deputy Chief
Phone: 734-722-9600
Deputy Chief Robert Wilkie

Deputy Chief Robert Wilkie has been with the Westland Police Department since 2002.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 2013, and then to Lieutenant in 2019.  Prior to his employment with the Westland Police Department Wilkie worked with the Ferndale and Northville City Police Departments.  Wilkie earned his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and is working toward his Bachelor's Degree.  Wilkie graduated from the Eastern Michigan School of Police Executive Staff and Command in 2019.  

Deputy Chief Wilkie has served in numerous roles with the Westland Police Department including being a member of the perimeter rifle team, head of the Taser program, a member of the Western Wayne County Mobile Field Force, head of the Service Aide Program and head of the Westland Police Department Field Training Officer Program.  Wilkie has also run both night and day patrol shifts.  

In 2010 Deputy Chief Wilkie was awarded with the POAM Michigan Police Officer of the Year Award, stemming from his actions that aided in saving the life of a woman who had been trapped inside of a burning building.

Deputy Chief Wilkie is the first official Public Information Officer with the Westland Police Department.  This role includes handling most media relations and overseeing the department's social media team.  

Wilkie served as the President of the Westland Lieutenants Association from 2019 to 2023, and before that served in the union in roles as the Treasurer and Vice President.

Wilkie initiated bringing back the Westland Police Awards Ceremony in order to formally recognize officers that had gone above and beyond for their good work.  The ceremony was successfully restored, and remains an annual event.   

Finally, Deputy Chief Wilkie is most proud of the community oriented events that he has been able to organize or participate in.  Wilkie has planned events such as “Turkey not Tickets”, this event provided free turkeys to citizens around Thanksgiving time.  He also set up multiple Shop with a Hero events.  Wilkie participated in the 2022 police sledding competition placing 2nd overall benefiting Mimi’s Mission, an organization that runs programs for autistic individuals and their families.   Finally, with help from other department members and the Westland Goodfellows, Wilkie organized the department’s annual Stuff a SWAT Truck event that has produced thousands of gifts for underprivileged children in our community.


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