Office of the Fire Marshal


The Office of the Fire Marshal's primary function is to reduce the frequency, probability, and severity of fire resulting in loss of life and property.  Members of this division wear many hats to achieve this goal.  This includes:

Fire Inspector – With all appropriate certifications, members conduct frequent quality inspections in all commercial buildings.  This designation also includes the review of construction blueprints for code compliance, occupant load enforcement when necessary, and any and all safety concerns brought to our attention.

Fire Investigator – The primary goal as a fire investigator is to ascertain the origin and cause of the fire incident.  This task helps us prevent similar fires from occurring, and also allows for potential prosecution of arson where applicable.

Public Educator – The Office of the Fire Marshal tries to be proactive to providing educational opportunities for all residents and businesses in Westland.  This is achieved at our local schools, City events, senior facilities, and any other potential venue.  

Adopted Fire Code

The Fire Marshal's Office conducts fire inspections for the entire City of Westland. The Fire Marshal works directly with our business community to create a safe environment for all of our residents. The City of Westland Fire Department adheres to fire codes set forth by the International Fire Code (IFC). The IFC Fire Code can be found here. Currently the City is using the 2018 version.

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