Construction and Maintenance Division


The Construction and Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining city roads and right-a-ways. This includes:

  • Cleans, repairs and restores manholes and catch basins
  • Grading, applying chloride and the filling of dirt roads as well as filling potholes and sweeping paved streets)
  • Installs and maintains street/traffic signs
  • Mows roadside weeds
  • Paints crosswalks
  • Trims and removes trees in the right of way
  • Snow plowing and salting during winter.

County Roads

The City of Westland does not maintain the following county or any private roads.

  • Cherry Hill
  • Eckles
  • Farmington (between Ann Arbor Trail and Joy)
  • Ford
  • Hannan
  • Inkster
  • Joy
  • Merriman
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Middlebelt
  • Van Born
  • Venoy (except between Warren and Cowan)
  • Warren
  • Wayne


Potholes can pop up without warning. Help keep our local roads safe by letting us know when you spot a dangerous pothole. The City can only legally fix potholes on our local roads. To report a local pothole use our online form or call 734-713-3877.

Report a pothole to: