Snow Removal and Emergencies

Snow Plowing Information and Route Prioritization

Prior to the beginning of any snowfall, all plow trucks are prepped and filled with salt.  Once the snowfall begins, crews begin plowing and salting major routes and will continue until all major routes are cleared.  Neighborhoods are not plowed during normal snow fall periods.  The Westland Department of Public Service prioritizes school routes and garbage routes in order to reduce the likelihood of trash collection and school disruptions.

As a reminder, most major roads in Westland are maintained by Wayne County including Cherry HIll, Eckles, Farmington (between Ann Arbor and Joy), Ford, Hannan, Inkster, Joy, Merriman, Michigan Avenue, Middlebelt, Van Born, Warren, Wayne, and Venoy (south of Warren.)

The temperature outside can impact the effectiveness of the salt being spread by the plow trucks.  At a temperature of 30 degrees, one pound of salt will melt 46 pounds of ice.  As the temperature drops, salt effectiveness slows to the point that once the temperature drops near 10 degrees or below, salt is barely working.  Once this happens the snow plows will be focused on only plowing to make sure the snow routes stay as clear as possible.  

You can also watch the progress of the City's snow plows through the City Snow Plow Tracker which provides near real time information about the position of our snow plows as they move around the City.

If a Snow Emergency is Declared

The City may declare a snow emergency if 6 inches or more of snow has fallen. Vehicles must be removed from city streets for snow plowing. Failure to do so may result in your vehicle being ticketed and/or towed. 

During the snow emergency, the City will prioritize plowing major roads through the City.  Once the major roads are completed, the City will plow the residential neighborhood streets.

When a snow emergency is declared, the City will notify the residents through a special alert on the City website, on our municipal access channel, WLND, and through social media like Facebook.