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Employment Interest Form

  1. Westland City Seal
  2. If you are interested in working for the City of Westland, please complete this form and the Personnel Department will contact you for future job opportunities. 

    All information provided in this form is subject to Freedom of Information Act requests subject to State law.

  3. Which type of job are you interested in?

    Clerical employees tasks - answering phones, composing letters/emails, replying to emails, assisting residents/businesses/contracts at the counter to pay water/tax bills, purchase dog licenses, permits, etc.

    DPS general laborer employee tasks - road repair, snow plowing, sewer cleaning, repairing water main breaks, cutting down/trimming trees, maintaining the parks, cutting grass, installing/maintaining water meters & meter reading devices, repairing/maintaining City vehicles and more.

  4. If you have any questions, please email or call Monday-Friday 9am-5pm 734-467-3263.

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