Guidelines for Assessment Appeals Decisions


You may receive a Board of Review reduction in your assessment if:

  • Properties in your neighborhood, similar to yours in size, style, and age, recently sold on the open market for significantly less than double your assessed value.
  • You present a recent appraisal from a licensed and certified appraiser showing that the value of your property is significantly lower than the City's assessed market value
  • Your property was recently purchased on the open market with a Realtor at a price lower than double the State Equalized Value (SEV). You must present a copy of the listing agreement.
  • Your building suffered severe structural damage such as settlement causing severe cracking, water damage so extensive as to undermine the foundation, or fire damage. In these instances, you can request an inspection for the property for a reduction in your assessment in relation to the damage.

Lower Assessments

Lower assessments are not granted from the Board of Review based on the following reasons:

  • Your property needs paint, carpet, windows, etc. You are expected to maintain your property in a reasonable condition. Assessments will not be lowered because you fail to do so.
  • Neighbors have too many cars in the drive, junk stored in the yard, house is in disrepair, too many people living in the house, dogs loose and noisy parties. 
  • Your neighbor's house is of the same size, style, and age as yours. It is better carpeted, landscaped, etc., yet you are assessed the same.
  • Your property taxes are high, and your income is fixed. Michigan provides tax relief through P.A. 20 of 1973, which can be refunded by the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim form (MI-1040CR).