City Budgets

The City's fiscal year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th. The budget process for the next fiscal year is this:

  1. Department directors submit proposed budgets to Mayor by February 15.
  2. Mayor submits proposed budget to City Council by April 1.
  3. City Council holds public hearings.
  4. City Council approves budget on/or before first Monday in June.
  5. Budgets may be amended during the fiscal year with approval of City Council

City Budgets

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Current Fiscal Year-End Report

  • Local Government Name: City of Westland
  • Local Unit Code: 822310
  • Current Fiscal Year End Date: June 30, 2020
  • Fund Name: General Fund


RevenuesCurrent Year Budget FY ending June 30, 2020Percentage ChangeProjected Budget Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2021Assumptions
Property Taxes$28,825,1762.5%$29,545,805Taxable value increase projected to increase slightly
Other Taxes$1,325,0000.0%$1,325,000Refunds from TIFA and DDA remain constant
State Revenue Sharing$9,062,3541.7%$9,214,586State Shared Revenue projected to increase slightly
Fines and Fees$6,000,0001.0%$6,060,000Court Revenues to increase slightly
Charges For Services$1,048,4941.0%$1,058,779Charges for Services projected to increase slightly
Licenses and Permits$1,749,1870.9%$1,765,529Permits projected to increase slightly
Interest Income$325,000-5.0%$308,750Interest Income projected to decrease due to lower interest rates
Public Safety$2,344,0771.0%$2,367,517Public Safety revenues to increase slightly
Parks and Recreation$678,6511.0%$685,438Parks and recreation revenues to increase slightly
Grant Revenues$2,074,61838.5%$2,873,383Grant Revenues to increase Fire SAFER grant awarded for 3 years
Other Revenues$3,136,660-4.3%$3,000,703Other revenue to decrease due to one time revenues expiring
Contribution From Other Sources$12,096,4470.7%$12,175,881Contributions projected to increase slightly
Total Revenues$68,665,6642.5%$70,381,371Overall revenue a slight increase

ExpendituresCurrent Year Budget FY ending June 30, 2020

Percentage Change

Projected Budget Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2021

Legislative130,4451.0%$131,719Budget to increase slightly
18th District Court3,924,162-5.1%$3,725,640Bond Payment paid off during previous fiscal year.
Executive576,8762.5%$591,515Projected fringe benefits increase
City Clerk786,548-12.1%$691,088Previous years budget included additional monies for presidential election
Assessment374,9303.0%$386,096Contractual increase
CIS949,6860.7%$956,421Projected salary fringe benefits increase
Police and Fire Retirement35,0000.0%$35,000Budget to remain the same
Law850,0001.0%$858,500Budget to increase slightly
Personnel364,3612.0%$371,519Projected salary and fringe benefits increase
Finance1,275,5602.2%$1,303,561Projected salary and fringe benefits increase
City Hall and Grounds451,0511.0%$455,562Slight operating supply increase expected
General Government9,279,6005.5%$9,791,877Retiree health Insurance costs to Increase, increase in pension contribution
Police19,682,6532.5%$20,179,172Projected fringe benefits increase
Fire13,993,93610.2%$15,428,303Added 13 employees due to SAFER Grant and fringe benefit increase
Motor pool671,9071.1%$679,035Projected fringe benefits increase
Highway Maintenance1,633,7142.0%$1,666,855Projected fringe benefits increase
Neighborhood Services602,0920.0%$602,213Budget to increase slightly
Cable465,1961.0%$469,848slight increase in contract
Sanitation4,296,0922.8%$4,417,326Scheduled Increase in contract and increase in cost of recycling
Youth Assistance Program951,4051.0%$960,919Budget to increase slightly


ExpendituresCurrent Year Budget FY ending June 30, 2019
Percentage Change
Projected Budget Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2020
Senior Resources$536,8342.3%$549,311Projected salary fringe benefits increase
Parks and Recreation$774,308-18.6%$630,051Projected decrease due to expiring contract parks and rec master plan update
Golf Course$358,4441.3%$363,002Slight increase expected
Ice Arena$345,4881.0%$348,942Slight increase expected
Housing$725,0504.7%$759,412Projected salary fringe benefits increase
Building$1,338,120-3.6%$1,289,442small decrease expected in contractual service
Economic Development$418,7085.6%$442,285Projected salary fringe benefits increase
Historical Commission$18,3501.0%$18,534Slight increase expected
Planning$176,0061.6%$178,838Projected increases fringe benefits
Community Development$645,0341.7%$655,972Projected increases fringe benefits
Insurance and Bonds$1,700,0001.0%$1,717,000Premium increase expected
Total Expenditures$68,331,5563.4%$70,654,958Increase of just over 3%, mainly due to salary and fringe benefit increases.
Net Revenues (Expenditures)$334,108n/a($273,587)and increase in fire personnel due to the Fire SAFER grant.
Beginning Fund Balance$9,080,579n/a$9,414,687n/a
Ending Fund Balance$9,414,687n/a$9,141,100n/a