Innovation & Technology

The Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) works tirelessly to deploy solutions that are both nimble and provide uniform access outside of the traditional confines of municipal offices. This methodology has allowed the City's employees to work aggressively in the field with a full complement of technology to provide immediate service, educate the public, document work, and remediate matters to ensure the highest level of safety and quality of life are maintained in the City.


The Department of Innovation and Technology is charged with the operational care and support of all technology assets for every department within the City. The staff of the DoIT supports:

  • Dozens of mission-critical applications
  • Network security and infrastructure for all departments
  • 52 miles of fiber optic network
  • 200 phones
  • 250 employees
  • Over 450 computers and mobile devices
  • 400+ webpages on multiple websites, including

As the name suggests, the Department of Innovation and Technology does not stop at maintaining existing solutions.

We Can DoIT

Technology never stands still and neither does the DoIT. With a very serious commitment in a "we can DoIT" attitude the Department is constantly reviewing all the City's systems and processes and looking to improve on what is in place, through technology or not.  It has led to the successful replacement of legacy and segregated business systems with a fully integrated and mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to better serve the residents in person, on the phone and online, for example. 

The DoIT team is working tirelessly to transform segregated, manual, paper driven processes into automated, integrated, and mobile accessible solutions for both its internal and external customers.