Westland Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Plan

Project Purposecropped-walk-and-roll-logo

The Westland Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Plan also known as Walk & Roll Westland is intended to identify and prioritize potential future non-motorized infrastructure projects for the City of Westland.  The Action Plan will, through technical analysis and public input, present a feasible set of projects aimed at improving bicycle and non-motorized connectivity, safety, and comfort for Westland residents.  An implementation plan will help guide the City of Westland through the design and engineering process and will include information such as total capital cost, right-of-way needs, and design options.

Project Goals

The plan will develop concepts for the non-motorized projects that are most needed in the City and which could be implemented over the next five to ten years.  The overall goal of the Action Plan is to better connect the City of Westland, improve safety conditions, and encourage residents to bike and walk more often.  The projects identified in this Plan will be those that connect the areas of the City most in need of non-motorized connections, will help connect to the Rouge River trails on the north and south sides of the city, and will provide the best access to popular destinations in Westland.  Through the planning process, the community, stakeholders, and city staff will be engaged and able to provide input on recommended facilities.

The development plan began in the beginning of 2021 and planning is set for completion by October 2021.

For more information, please contact the Planning Department.

Mid-Project Status Report

What has been done so far?

Existing Condition Analysis

A review of the existing conditions was performed during the first phase of the project. Through this, Demand and Equity Analysis data from SEMCOG and other demographic data, was utilized to identify areas most in need of additional non-motorized infrastructure.

Public Engagement

To date, two steering committee meetings, one community meeting and one community-wide survey has been conducted. Through these meetings, the project team has been able to understand issues and opportunities related to biking and walking in Westland and to identify potential routes where non-motorized improvements are needed.to improve biking and walking in Westland.:

  • Fill in sidewalk gaps and add more sidewalks
  • Safety improvements such as lighting and crosswalk enhancements
  • Walking and biking connections to parks, civic buildings, shopping, and the regional non-motorized network.
  • Improvements to bicycle and walking routes along Newburgh, Warren, Merriman, Ford and Wayne Road.

The feedback from each group was translated into this map., which outlines the near-term opportunity for non-motorized routes in Westland. These are intended to be the beginning of a City-wide non-motorized network.

What is next?

The routes above will be further refined using the project goals to determine which are most important for the community. From here, a set of priority routes (and recommended facilities for each) will be determined. The final plan will include a plan for implementation, including high level cost estimates, design options and potential funding opportunities.

Bicycle Lanes

There are two types of lanes being used by the city; dedicated bike and sharrow. 

  • Dedicated bike lanes are five foot wide dedicated lanes that appear on one or both sides of the road specifically for bicycle use. No street parking will be allowed when these lanes are used. View examples of signage and pavement markings for dedicated bike lanes.
  • Sharrow lanes, or "shared" lanes are when the road is marked to be "shared" between bicycle, moving vehicle traffic, and parked vehicles.  Sharrow lanes feature symbols that appear in the center of the driving lanes. Street parking will be allowed when sharrow lanes are used. View examples of signage and pavement markings for sharrow lanes.

Wildwood Bike Lane

The Wildwood Bike Lane runs north - south for 3.5 miles from Warren Road to Glenwood Road. View the map of the Wildwood Bike Lane.