Residential Rental Program


The City requires rental properties to be maintained in a manner to protect the public health, safety, and welfare in buildings intended for human habitation and their accessory structures.  The Rental Registration process assists the City of Westland to preserve the quality of the housing environment. 

Rental Dwellings

Rental dwellings shall not be occupied without a Certificate of Compliance.


  • Registration every three years
  • Rental Registration Form (PDF) completed and provided to the City
  • Initial inspection and final inspection by a Building Inspector
  • Furnace safety and carbon monoxide test

View a Pre-Inspection Checklist (PDF) to ensure that the inspections are completed without delays.

Rental Registration Fee

The Rental Registration Fee includes the cost of the:

  • Initial and final inspection
  • Certification of Compliance

The fee charged is:

  • Duplex Dwelling - $160.00
  • Multi-Family Dwelling - $54.00 per apartment
  • Quadplex - $214.00
  • Single Family Dwelling - $107.00

Furnace Safety & Carbon Monoxide Test

The dwelling's heating system is tested and certified to be safe for use.  A required form called a Furnace/Boiler Certification (PDF) must be filled out by the hired mechanical contractor that performs these tests and turned into the building department before the final approval will be granted allowing occupancy of a tenant.

Certificate of Compliance

Once all documentation, tests, and final approval provided by the building inspector, the Certificate of Compliance will be issued.  This document certifies that the residence is safe for human habitation.  The certification is good for three years.

Schedule an Inspection

There are multiple options available to schedule a rental inspection: