Buying or Selling a Home


When buying or selling a home, the Building Department wants to help make sure that the property is safe and healthy for human habitation.

To this end, a Certificate of Approval is required on all houses being sold or transferred to another party prior to the closing of the residential sale.

The seller is required to complete and submit a Home Sale Closing Forms (PDF) and pay a $180.00 fee.


  • A Building Inspector will provide a code inspection of the home.  To help make sure that the inspection is successful, review the Pre-Inspection Checklist (PDF).
  • The dwelling's heating system is tested and certified to be safe for use.  A required form called a Furnace/Boiler Certification (PDF) must be filled out by the hired mechanical contractor that performs these tests and turned into the building department before the final approval will be granted allowing occupancy of a tenant.
  • If the seller completes the inspection, a Certificate of Approval is issued that is good for six months.
  • The buyer must submit a Roof Acceptance Letter (PDF) prior to closing stating that the purchaser is aware of the condition of the roof of the house he/she is purchasing and accepts it in "AS-IS" condition.

If the seller does not finish the inspection process, the buyer must purchase a Temporary Certificate of Approval Affidavit (PDF) for $40.00 that will allow the closing to transpire.  The buyer will then have sixty days to perform the repairs.

Schedule an Inspection

There are multiple options available to schedule a rental inspection: