Marijuana Business License-New

License Information

For the licensing of medical and adult-use marijuana businesses.

Before applying, review the Marijuana Business Application Consideration Policy (PDF) and Chapter 27, Westland Code of Ordinances for more information.

Application Fees

Business License applications are subject to multiple fees.  Fee types and prices are subject to change.

Fees for Marijuana Business License/New (PDF)

Required Documents and/or Approvals

Approval Instructions

  • Submittal packages must be submitted to the City Clerk and must include completed application, necessary fees, and one electronic and one hard copy of the application package.  Fees for renewals are in addition to fees for special land use approval, site plan review, certificates of occupancy, any inspections, and all other fees of general applicability. 
  • After the completed application is returned to Westland City Hall, with the fee, the Selection Committee will review the applications and score them using the Marijuana Business License Scoring Rubric (PDF), after the window for applications is closed.
  • Once all applications are scored, all applicants will be provided their score and status.