Liquor License

License Information

For any new liquor license request or for any changes to an existing license, an application must be made with the City of Westland in order to be approved by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

For detailed information about this license please refer to Chapter 10, Section 3, Westland Code of Ordinances

Application Fees

Business License applications are subject to multiple fees.  Fee types and prices are subject to change.

Fees for Liquor License (PDF)


Required Documents and/or Approvals

  • Plan of operation
  • Plot plan
  • Written statement outlining the proposed manner in which the establishment will be operated, including a schedule of the hours of operation, crowd control, use of the facilities, parking provisions and details of the estimated cost of development, including, but not limited to, the costs of construction and rehabilitation.
  • Detailed diagram
  • Building Department approval
  • Planning Department approval
  • Police Department approval
  • Department of Public Services approval
  • Engineering Department approval
  • Finance Department approval
  • Fire Department approval

Approval Instructions