Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Commission is a three-member board with one member appointed by the Mayor, one appointed by the employees, and one by the Commission. Members serve a three-year term. The Commission oversees the testing procedures utilized for hiring non-appointed, non-police, and non-fire employees of the City of Westland.


  • Patricia Neal
    Term expires: February 9, 2025
  • Walter Misiak
    Term expires: August 15, 2026
  • Timothy Gilbert
    Term expires: July 18, 2024

Desired Skills

  • Human Resources Background
  • Employment / Labor Law Background
  • Public Administration Background

Diversity Breakdown

The information provided in the charts below and under each individual Board or Commission was self reported and the City does not warrant the accuracy of the information.

Age Breakdown
Ethnicity Breakdown
Civil Service Commission Age BreakdownCivil Service Commission Ethnicity Breakdown
Gender Breakdown
Geography Breakdown
Civil Service Commission Gender BreakdownCivil Service Commission Geography Breakdown


Civil Service Commission meetings are held January, April, September, and November, as determined by the board members.
View the Boards and Commission Calendar for meeting information.